Wedding Receptions

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Because we can do it right! Check this out!

  • Hildebrandt Hall is transformed into an attractive and enjoyable banquet facility and ballroom, one that also serves as a venue for many school and community events. Our management team is ready to meet your every need, and provide ideas to enhance this most memorable event.
  • The banquet area is spacious and bright. The meals are family style, all you can eat, highly rated and sure to satisfy.
  • Decorate to your heartís desire, but with our team, we can assist to make even the simple receptions look attractive.
  • Check out our spacious wood dance floor and raised stage for DJ or band, which will make your event truly enjoyable and fun.
  • Parking? Restrooms? Handicap accessibility? Yes, and you will be hard pressed to find better.
  • Cost? Here is where we really shine. Our package price will surprise the most budget-minded, allowing you to increase your invitation list, or have a smaller event without breaking the bank. A normal Wedding Reception will cost around $34 a person for a complete package, but normal may not be what you want. Let us tailor the reception for you.

Updated: July 2, 2019